PRIMS enables you to work better, and more efficiently with up to 40% resource reduction within 4-8 weeks.

PRIMS adds significant quality, continuity and confidence to the regulatory function. The compliance and safety results are highly reliable.


Apart from working faster, easier and better, the most important benefit is the assurance that risks of non-compliance are minimized, irrespective of changes in the regulatory team.


  • bulk import of raw material and formulation data;
  • intuitive versioning and clone functionality for all specifications;
  • automated compliance and safety analysis;
  • one-click generation of full mandatory label content and all PIF and registrations documents in pdf;
  • instant creation of REACH reports with calculated cumulative quantities of each substance in the entire product portfolio.

Less resources

  • less work and no data duplication with "one specification in one place";
  • all specifications are linked with automated data synchronisation enabling “one to all” changes;
  • extensive and easy impact analysis and reporting;
  • dashboards to monitor portfolio compliance and PIF completeness;
  • seamless real-time PIF, CPSR and label content creation and export.

Higher quality

  • regulatory and toxicology databases are included;
  • kept up-to-date and managed by The Regulatory Company with the latest (future) regulatory and toxicology data;
  • auto-updated product compliance and safety statuses and insight at your finger tips;
  • the ability to go "back-in time" to historic versions of all specifications.

Highly reliable with Confidence

  • thousands of products are managed by customers and The Regulatory Company in PRIMS;
  • ensuring full transparency in your product portfolio in a “from-substance-to- consumer-unit” fashion;
  • complementary in-house consultancy, compliance and Responsible Person services;
  • proven success in passing competent authority inspections.
phases to full portfolio management

Full portfolio compliance management in 4-8 weeks

We fully support the data transfer to ensure a smooth transition, a minimum-effort implementation process, and short-term internal adoption of PRIMS.

You provide the compositional data and other structured data in bulk. We perform the data import and we make sure that your PRIMS users are properly trained. You are guided in the entire on-boarding process by one of our dedicated project managers that will be assigned to your project.

Already on the first access to PRIMS most features and reporting are immediately available, such as automated compliance status monitoring and detailed analysis per product, product composition downloads and mandatory label content briefs, 24/7 real-time compliance dashboard (including the REACH management dashboard), and where used reporting.

The document transfer and upload process is discussed in more detail to find the right balance and timing between workload and added value.

Up to 40% saving on resources

Efficiency, high quality, continuity, confidence and high savings

Once operational (within 4-8 weeks), total resources spent on regulatory processes are significantly reduced with up to 40%, in particular on PIF management, and (continuous) compliance and safety assessment.

Regulatory resources spent when not using PRIMS
Regulatory resources spent when using PRIMS

Reporting & Output

live dashboards, full-traceability and one-click navigation, reporting and document (re-) generation

PRIMS includes an intuitive user interface, dashboard overview with product portfolio compliance status and easy navigation. Specifications are fully traceable back and forth through one-click navigation between raw materials, formulations, packaging components, products, multi-product kits, and companies (suppliers). Where-used reports are generated and exported in spreadsheet format in a few seconds.

PRIMS has been developed with a 100% focus on regulatory requirements and processes, and to quickly produce the relevant output documents and reports such as the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), Cumulative Product Composition (exact or ranges), and the Regulatory Content Brief (mandatory label content).

Documents and reports are available at all times, are quickly (re-) generated to adjust for any changes, and ready for export/download to all users.

PRIMS is a continuously updated digital eco-system that produces live dashboards, and real-time reporting and documents.


PRIMS feature: 24/7 real-time compliance monitoring. Experience one of the many easy to use features of PRIMS: the 24/7 real-time compliance monitoring against EU regulatory data.


REACH management

easily manage importer obligations of all relevant substance-supplier combinations

The REACH management dashboard presents a real-time overview of all substance-supplier combinations that require verification of REACH registration compliance.

To manage importer obligations, PRIMS algorithms calculate and present substance-supplier combinations where the annually imported quantity surpasses the 1.000 kg threshold, by at least one individual importer, and where the substance is not exempted.

By changing the selection criteria (calendar year, region, local manufacturers), the dashboard overview is modified to meet your needs.

Simply click on one of the raw materials in the dashboard to directly manage REACH compliance details for that specific raw material. And once you are done, you immediately see the results in your dashboard.


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