A comprehensive software solution for

(3rd party) manufacturers


Large brand owners

Robust cloud-based software to fully digitally and easily manage PIF's, product safety and compliance, and REACH obligations. A 24/7 accessible eco-system with real-time insights in full portfolio safety and compliance against the latest included regulatory and toxicology data. Always with dedicated in-person senior expert support, and optional EU and/or UK Responsible Person services.

“Product compliance and product safety are key. With TRC as our compliance partner, and PRIMS cloud solution as a very easy to use, high quality and value adding tool, we feel very confident that the highest level of compliance and safety of our products will be maintained. Now, and in the future, as regulations continue to evolve.”
Susan Knops | Jethro Schiansky
Quality Assurance Manager | Legal & RA Advisor
Codibel is a 3rd party manufacturer
“We have found an all-round long-term partner in The Regulatory Company. Together we work on ensuring safety and regulatory compliance of our products and our proprietary ingredients. We jointly monitor and manage the impact of regulatory amendments. This way we stay focused on that what truly matters for the TCI clients’ brands.”
Yin-Chun (Yin), Liu
Managing Director TCI Biotech Netherlands B.V.
TCI is a 3rd party manufacturer
"PRIMS is very well designed and extremely user friendly with easy and fast access to all specifications, and exact product compliance status under EU and UK Cosmetics Regulations. It is an extremely helpful tool to track detailed information of raw materials and to manage registration compliance through the REACH compliance dashboard. We found PRIMS very useful in the tremendous effort of ingredient evaluation as a result of the Chemical Strategy for sustainability (CSS) in light of the EU Green Deal."
Katelijn Ramakers
Amway Regulatory Affairs & QA - Europe/SA/ANZ & Russia/KAZ
Full specification management
Complete and up to date regulatory and toxicology data
Smart algorithms

Compliance status management. 24/7 and in real-time

Moving away from a linear sequential process to a continuously updated digital eco-system in the cloud.

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Faster, easier, and better portfolio compliance management in 4-8 weeks

In control of your complete portfolio in 1-2 months through bulk data upload, proper training and assisted by our dedicated project manager.

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Bulk data upload
Expert Training
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated ongoing support
Live dashboards
Reporting and document (re-)generation

Dashboards, reports and downloads at your finger tips

Intuitively navigate through raw materials, formulations, packaging components, products and companies (suppliers). Analyse products, generate reports, and export in pdf or spreadsheet format in seconds.

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"Contact me for more information and to discuss. I am looking forward to jointly discover the added value of PRIMS to your business."
Jasper ten Brinke
Business Development

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